Remote TSI Friday

This Friday is Activities Day which means there will be no TSI Friday to sate your science appetite. To remedy this we’d like you to tweet some science based stories on Friday with the hashtag #remoteTSIFriday. We’ll retweet the best ones and hopefully you’ll find something interesting.

If everyone posted just one article then we’d have several articles to look through on Friday while we think about how good it’ll be to be back in S3 next week with some non remote TSI Friday action.

Get others involved; if they don’t follow us already get them to do so. If they have an interest in science get them to tweet a link to a story they found interesting. If you’ve enjoyed someone’s suggestion then retweet it. I doubt we’ll trend but I’d love to see loads of science tweets flying around on Friday. I’ll be on the Third Form trip to Herstmonceux so will try to tweet on the coach there and back and maybe over lunch too.

Don’t forget, @BioRGS would probably enjoy getting involved too so how about putting their name in your tweet if it pertains to biology.

That should do for now. Any questions then drop the department a tweet (@RGSPhysicsDept).


UPDATE: You can now see the whole days worth of tweets in a Storify story


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