Storing light for 1 minute

Some independent research from one of our RGS Physics pupils:

In July this year, German scientists managed to store light for 1 minute.

In 1999, scientists slowed light down at a speed of 17m/s. Light was stored only for a fraction of a second 2 years later. Afterwards the time got longer.

In order to stop light from travelling, scientists,first of all, found a crystal that cannot  transmit light, decrease the temperature to a large extent, then irradiate it with a beam of laser. Transparency of the crystal occurred and the laser beam also created quantum superposition in the crystal. In the meantime,light enters. Next, irradiate the crystal again so that the transparency is eliminated. Finally, light stayed in there for 1 minute. Researchers find out that it is possible to stop particular types of light from travelling for a certain amount of time in this way.

Researchers also said that,using other type of crystal may increase the time of stagnation. They need to find a way to operate it under room temperature,in order to apply this to the computing field.


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