TSI Friday 4 – 15/11/13

This week’s TSI Friday was a coffee fuelled, time consuming extravaganza on the day of Children in Need; James ‘Scotty’ Scott presenting the pros and cons of coffee and how it works, and Mr Reid explaining the possibilities and problems of time travel.

Scotty started off by shocking the coffee drinkers in the room by revealing that their favourite hot beverage actually contains over 1500 chemicals, with 20 possible carcinogens alongside caffeine being the stimulant we all know, and seem to consume… a lot. However, it’s not all bad; many positives arise from drinking coffee. It oxidises fatty acids in the blood (but not in the adipose tissues much to Mr Reid’s dismay). It also helps many problems such as asthma by dilating airways and lowering risk of type II diabetes. But as many may know, coffee can cause sleep problems, but it doesn’t matter, because if you’re tired you can have a coffee to wake you up. The problem being it will only take effect after about an hour. Recommendations by scientists seem to be 0.3 to 4 cups a day to get as many positives without too many negative effects.

We were then enlightened by Mr Reid that time travel is in fact possible… BUT we must not break any laws of physics, create any paradoxes, and of course someone must be clever enough to make a time machine, but all drawbacks aside we looked at what we could do. If you travel really close to the speed of light, let’s say you are constantly moving at 269,813,212m/s or in other words 90% of the speed of light, then you could age at about half the rate of everyone around you travelling at a feeble 5m/s walking speed. Not the cheapest or most efficient anti-ageing method, but it would certainly work. As long as someone works out how to travel at 90% the speed of light we’re all set. Unfortunately the TARDIS is out of the question as worm hole based time travel breaks certain laws of physics. You could use the gravity of the sun or a black hole to speed up time for you; all you need to do is get really close, not get sucked in, or burned and then bob’s your uncle, you are time travelling!

I’m sure we will all be struggling to sleep at the excitement of another TSI Friday, or perhaps it’s that we drank too much coffee… and will be using our time wisely as we all now know there’s no going back to relive the moments we wasted (unless you’ve built your time machine first).

You are invited to come and do your very own talk on anything science related. From aeronautical engineering to zoology it’s all good. All you need is some link to science. I would highly recommend them as always and believe there is nothing more rewarding than doing one. But it is up to you to make the first move. You can contact all Heads of Science to find out more by speaking to them in person, or failing that drop them an email:

PAS@reigategrammar.org                    EDR@reigategrammar.org                TSD@reigategrammar.org

Mike Ellis


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