The Goldilocks Enigma by Paul Davies (Book Review)

Why is the universe just right for life? Paul Davies spends the duration of his book ‘The Goldilocks Enigma’ answering this relatively open ended question. What is particularly interesting about this book is the fact that much of the questions that are asked are questions that are usually associated with Philosophy and Theology. These questions would then usually be answered with more questions or extremely open ended statements that ultimately lead the reader nowhere. However what is different about Paul Davies is that he is in fact a Physicist who decided he would ask these questions but try and answer them with Physics based theories and concepts.

If you like your space-y type stuff and your astrophysics then this is the book for you, but be warned, if you are a newbie physicist then I would advise you to take this book slowly, very slowly. Davies does not hesitate to dive straight into the theories and explanations of our universe at a reasonably high level from as early as the second chapter. A section I personally found quite interesting was the actual theory of Multiverse and the possibility of multiple (or even infinite) universes explained in a way that was actually reliable and disregarded incorrect misconceptions.  However Davies also ranges from the enormously large to the ever so petite, by explaining what our universe is actually made of down to the smallest of the small, Leptons and Quarks. The metaphors and common day examples he uses to illustrate the most mind boggling of concepts is phenomenal and is a feature that one may struggle to find in other books.

I highly recommend The Goldilocks Enigma to anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge of general physics but in particular the vast open abyss that surrounds our tiny little rock of a planet.

Live Long and Prosper Yo


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