If you had a time lapse camera, what would you film?

Recently the Science Department received a time lapse camera thanks to a generous grant from the PFA. We’ve already tested it out on few different things but thought we’d ask you what you would do if you had access to the camera. It’ll do wide angle shots or can be attached to a microscope.

Time lapse cameras allow you to decide how often frames will be captured and what speed they are played back at. For example, you could take a picture of Broadfield at noon everyday for a year and end up with 365 frames. Playing this back at 10 frames per second would condense a year’s worth of pictures into around 40 seconds of footage.

The camera we have does all the hard work for you, all you need to do is select how often a frame is captured and how many frames per second you want to play it back at. That’s it. So now you just need to think about what you’d like to film.

We want to hear your ideas and if any of them sound awesome enough (and feasible too) then we’ll set up the camera and film it. We’ll even give you the first showing of the video (as it was your idea) and maybe throw in a prize too (although I’m not sure what that would be). Simply write your idea in the comments below. The more detail you give us the better we can picture your idea.

Good luck and make you ideas as interesting and creative as possible.

Here’s our first test video taken from #TSIFriday:

You can find out more about the camera we have here:



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