Reading List

Here are some suggested books to help take you beyond the A-Level syllabus. All of these books are available in the RGS Library. If you’ve read any of these books please add a review in the comments section below. In addition, if you have other books to add to the list please comment below.

Annus Mirabilis by John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin

A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene

In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat by John Gribbin

The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead by Marcus Chown

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard Feynman

Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman

The Two Cultures by C.P. Snow

The Universe: A Biography by John Gribbin


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