Review Notes

Here you’ll find notes written by the department to supplement your notes from class and your textbook. Over the course of the year more notes will be added to this page.

Section 1 – Forces and motion

Movement and position notes – covering speed, distance-graphs, acceleration, velocity-time graphs and ticker-tape timers.

Forces notes – covering types or forces, scalars and vectors, terminal velocity, moments and springs. (Note this version is missing the momentum topic which will be added in time.)

Astronomy notes – covering gravitational forces, orbits, orbital speed and our place in the universe.

Section 2 – Electricity

Mains and Static notes – covering safety, electrical power, a.c. and d.c. power, electrostatic charge and uses & dangers of static charge.

Potential difference in circuits notes -covering series and parallel circuits, electrical components, resistance and charge calculations.

Section 3 – Waves

Properties of waves and EM spectrum notes – covering wave definitions, wave speed calculations, the properties, uses and dangers of the electromagnetic spectrum .

Light and sound notes – covering the laws of reflection & refraction, total internal reflection, analogue vs. digital, sound waves and oscilloscopes.

Section 4 – Energy resources and energy transfer

Energy transfers notes – covering forms of energy, efficiency, heat transfer and insulation.

Work and power notes – covering energy transfer, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy and power calculations.

Energy resources and electricity generation notes –

Section 5 – Solids, liquids and gases

Density, pressure and changes of state notes – covering density calculations, density practicals, pressure calculations, pressure at depth and states of matter.

Ideal gas molecules notes –

Section 6 – Magnetism and electromagnetism

Magnetism and electromagnetism –

Electromagnetic induction –

Section 7 – Radioactivity and particles

Radioactivity –

Particles –


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