Revision videos

Here you’ll find a selection of videos which have been made by the department. The topics have been selected as ones pupils tend to struggle with.

If there are topics which you would like covered which are not listed then add a comment in the comments section and we’ll see what we can do.

Those with marked with (S) are only required for the separate award.

Forces and Motion

Terminal velocity

Momentum and impulse (S) – coming soon

In the meantime, here is a student made video about collisions and explosions:

Balanced moments and weights on bridges (S)




Reflection in a plane mirror

Law of refraction (Snell’s Law) –

Total internal reflection –

Reading oscilloscopes (S) –

Energy resources and energy transfers

Work done, GPE and KE

Solids, liquids and gases

Gas law equations 

Magnetism and electromagnetism

Motor effect and Fleming’s left hand rule – coming soon

Transformers (S) – coming soon

Radioactivity and particles

Half life – coming soon

Rutherford’s scattering experiment – coming soon

Practial Questions

Independent vs. Dependent Variables and Types of Error:

Writing plans for experimental questions:




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